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Tuned Port Injection

I finally remembered the secret questions to my scottncherylhansen @ sbcglobal.net email.

We have used programmed memcals for $110 including USPS Priority shipping! See below for information about re-programming your TPI memcal. We have over 500 memcals in stock so if you just need a stock replacement for any GM OBD1 vehicle please call.

Custom or stock programming for your 1990, 91, and 92 fuel injected Tuned Port Induction speed density TPI system with a 7730 F-Body, or 7727 Y-Car ECM, or mass air systems for 86, 87,88, and 1989 Corvette, Camaro, and Firebird Trans Am's using the 7165 ECM. We also support 1992, and 93 LT1 with the 16159278. Custom programming for your SBC whatever cubic displacement size, injector size, or cam with less than 224 degrees of duration @ .050 is possible with TPI. For cams larger than 224 @ .050 will work with the speed density type 7730 ECM, but a different intake designed with shorter runners should be used.  This site will share with you what thousands of dollars has taught me. One of the  spark tables used is from one of the premier aftermarket specialty shops, but one will be chosen for your application that best suites your vehicle.

Recently I've been having to program memcals for people who bought from very large Companies. These Companies are not programming the memcals correctly. What they are doing doesn't allow the spark advance to operate correctly. Please contact me and I'll get back to you, and find out if you're a victim of un-savory sell at all cost companies.

June 23, 2012 Updated 8-26-15

I just spent 2 days testing a set of Bosch Gen III (280-155-700) yellow injectors currently being sold on E-Bay, and various vendors as direct replacements for L98 350's. This is not true! I had to change my flow rate from 22.1 (stock) to 19.8 to get it to run even close to right. I recommend that you stay away from this injector, and buy true Accel 21's, or Venom 21's from Jeg's or Summit, and run them at 48 psi which equals 22. If you are able to reprogram buy 24 lb Ford Racing Bosch Blue's from Martin at (click here and search tpi injector>) Motorwest Performance , or call him at (747) 888-9768. He has a great selection and pricing. Use the 0280-155-715 for 350's and 0280-155-700 for 305's. Make sure to tell him it's a TPI and he'll add a 3rd O-Ring that is required.

Chevy TPI System









This Is What Can be Programmed.

  • VATS (Vehicle Anti Theft System) Enable / Disable
  • EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Enable / Disable
  • VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) Enable / Disable
  • Set Proper Fuel Injector Flow Rate
  • Custom Fuel Mapping For Aggressive Cams
  • Custom Spark Mapping To Maximize Power And Mileage
  • Set Fans For Lower Temperature Thermostats
  • Increase Idle Speed For Aggressive Cam Profiles
  • Bring On Power Enrichment Mode Sooner

Please click on the Required Info button (top of page) to see the questions you'll need to answer before I can burn the program. Please answer all the questions that may apply to your specific application. I really care about making your vehicle run at its best, so please take the time to help yourself get it right. The Links page will provide the websites for all the vendors you'll need if you chose to do it yourself. The Moates site also has a forum where you can post questions.

Your memcal can be programmed for $75, or a used memcal outright for $110, and all options include USPS Priority shipping. For those who choose to ship their memcal. Print out the required information page, and answer the questions to the best of your ability. These answers will determine your programming, so take them seriously. Mail these answers, and the memcal to:

Scott Hansen
18161 Cherryleaf Court
Reno, NV 89508-5051
(775) 530-5892

Payment may be a money order, PayPal (PayPal to admin@scotthansen.net), or Visa, Mastercard, and American Express can be taken over the phone. No shopping cart is available on this site for a reason. I need to get as much information as possible from you to get your programming correct. Correspondence through E-Mail, Text, or a simple phone call will usually solve any issue you have no matter how complex it may be.

Remember, those who've built combinations well beyond stock should really consider tuning. Tuning requires you to datalog the vehicle and send it to me. I'll make modifications to the programming and send another memcal to you. Please see the Custom Tuning and Datalogging2 page in the upper left hand corner for more information.

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