TPI programming service for your stock or custom Street Rod

Here's a list of some of the places that have helped me throughout my experience with TPI. I've only included places that are helpful and whom I've deemed honest, and just good people.


Chevythunder is run by a great guy. He's really concerned with helping people get their TPI running right. He also sells wiring harness's on E-Bay.


This site belongs to Craig Moates. This is where you go to start programming yourself. I encourage everyone to try it if the feel confident. He also has a discussion board if you want to sign on with any questions.


If you want to connect your TPI to a laptop to run diagnostic software. Get this cable from Craig Moates.

TunerPro RT Datalogging

TunerPro RT is used as a datalogging software and can be used for free but if you benefit from it you are encouraged to pay the small registration fee. The best part of this program is the histogram. This table gives you a global of the fuel table snapshot of the entire recording. 

Larry's Electric

Larry is my favorite go to guy for harnesses. His pricing and quality cannot be beat.

 Jags That Run / Speed Sensors

This site started as a conversion to put TPI in to Jaguars, and has grow into many different types of conversions. I recommend them for speed sensors due to their low cost. Click on Vehicle Speed Sensors in the right hand column of their home page for more information.


This is the software I use to modify the programming for the chips I burn. Good information can be found on this site. You can also use TunerPro RT for bin modification.


This is where you can buy the Moates Burn 2 for burning chips. I recently switched to this and it works great.


Jim has a great selection of products to service TPI and is always willing to help.

Fuel Injector Flow Calculator

Use this site calculate your injector flow rate based on size and you fuel pressure.

Electronic Fuel Injector Flow Data

This site will allow you to look up your injector flow rate.


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