TPI programming service for your stock or custom Street Rod

This service is now free. Please see more below. Custom tuning is highly recommended for all speed density applications that are different than stock. Currently I'm working with a guy that put TPI on a stock TBI 350, and I was surprised at how much the volumetric efficiency tables changed. You start by purchasing this cable linked below. I've tuned 100's of vehicles now, but even the same cam mixed with different components runs differently.


New Software as of 7/12/2016. Next you click on this link below and download and install TunerPro RT. This software can be used for free but I encourage you to pay the small registration fee of $39 if you benefit from it. 

TunerPro RT

 I ask $100 for this service, and the cost of postage. If this puts a financial strain on you please call. I'd rather help you at a reduced cost than you suffer from poor driveability.

You will connect the computer to the car, and drive it following the instruction on the Datalogging 2 page found here. Try and drive normal, and maybe a bit outside of normal. I cannot tune vacuum and RPM ranges that you do not hit. If you go WOT throttle I can read the O2 to make sure it's good there. At the end let it idle in and out of gear, so I can tune the idle better. Once you create the file, name it using your name in it please. You email it to me, and I'll run it using the History Table feature that gives me the BLM averages. With these averages I use a calculation to modify the VE to a BLM of 124 which is slightly rich. No 2 logs will ever be the same, but once we're close it will drive smoothly and without hesitation. The larger cams are much harder to do. A cam of 230 / 236 will change with the weather but can be done. Please feel free to call me with any question(s).

For whatever reason TTS Powersystems has chosen to no longer support Datamaster for GM gas vehicles. Both have pro's and con's but TunerPro is superior for tuning as it gives averages for all cells but a bit harder to understand. I will still stand behind those who use Datamaster and will maintain the page on its use for those of you who paid for it.


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