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The latest response from people:

Put my new chip in today and set everything as you suggested.    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!   What a difference!!!!!    This truck NEVER ran so good. Runs smooth, starts right up, and puts me back in the seat when i nail it,,, WOW!!!!!    Thanks again for making my truck run right


Scott, I received your memcal on Friday and had my Camaro running Friday night. I was Very happy with the performance. Amazing what some tuning will do. I could not drive this car after the engine was replaced due to irreconcilable differences with the mass air flow system. It will blow the tires loose on a roll in low gear and pulls hard to 5500. NIce wide torque curve. So far your tuning is great and I plan to do some data logging soon and will send you a file for further inspection. Thanks for your help. After 8 months of rebuilding this car, it's now a runner :]


I just wanted to let you know I got the chip installed. Runs great! Haven't had a chance to due much data logging as of yet, but I did get a look at the tune. Closest mail order tune I've ever had! Awesome job. Everything is right on the money and blm's are 126 - 129 as far as I can tell so far. Thanks again and feel free to use this in your testimonials.


I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how well your chip "woke up" me new engine.  I had installed a 383 Stroker in replacement for an older 350 with improved airflow.  When I started the 383 with my original "mild" chip, there was almost no difference from my old 350.  But when I installed your chip, (and reset the timing to 6 BTDC), it was like night and day.  The throttle response is very quick and the power carries thru the gears even with my 700-4.  I am very pleased with what you did. Also it only took 2 days to get from Reno to Central Florida.


The absolute best quality and service I have ever experienced from an internet vendor. All my requests were responded to immediately. I'd send in a data log and within minutes Scott would respond with an email conformation and a shipment notification...even evenings and weekends. I been trying to get my 69 El Camino with an aftermarket Tpi setup to run right for years. Three others have tried, failed but charged me anyways. Scott had this thing running like never before in no time. He doesn't even charge minimum wage for his work!



Scott, really appreciate your time with tuning my tpi, the car went from basically not running to sounding like a sewing machine,
You really know your stuff.
I thank you for all your exceptional knowledge, assistance, and effort helping me get my mess straightened out,
Look forward to my next tpi project.




I canít believe I waited so long to have a professional read the custom chip that was installed before me and program it right!  The car would barely run when it was cold and I had no clue where to start for fuel pressure.  As soon as I installed the memcal chip it fired right up and did not even think of quitting!  I have already been passing your name on regarding custom tuning and will continue to do so.  There is no stock chip for an IROC-Z  5.7 manual and especially with the injectors I am using.  There is no other way than to hire a professional such as yourself to make the car run right.  In addition your continued support for helping me learn to data log and continue my knowledge of TPI programming is very appreciated.  Itís hard to find someone to actually call you and help you directly these days.



I recently had a brand new motor built for my 1987 Corvette and as it is with any new build, the Memcal required a reprogramming. Scott Hansen with "Tuned Port Induction Programming  Services" not only does a wonderful job with the programming, but also with answering your every question to insure that you are getting exactly what you need. Since I have increased my horse power by more than 100hp from the stock 245hp rating to minimum of 350hp (with possibly closer to 400hp) as estimated by the engine builder, a Dyno Tune will tell more once done.
Scott not only programmed the Memcal to perfection, I have had no problems at all and the response to acceleration is fantastic! I recommend anyone needing a chip for their vehicle, Scott is the man to work with.

4/8/2010 from Australia

I got the chip on Tuesday and put it in and followed instructions in your letter. Drove around a bit and noticed the difference. Pulls harder and smoother. I havenít driven a great distance to test economy yet.  Nor have I disconnected cold start injector yet but if itís not in the programming I suspect wonít harm if itís still there. 

I took it down to drag strip ( something I have never done before) to see what it would do. From what I read stock 1988  L98 does mid 14 seconds for ľ mile and I would have been happy to crack into 13ís with my mods. Attached is copy of my best  ET. I ran 8 times and six of them were 13.2ís  So I am very happy with that. I beat other street cars but the more serious racers with drag slicks really pop out of the start and I suspect on slicks I could nudge 12.9s. Also I always left it in drive. Not sure about 1st gear but seemed to change mid to low 4k rpm. Makes me think I could have forced a bit more rpm and better speeds buy changing manually. Do you know of any adjustments to make auto hold gear a bit longer at WOT?? 

Anyway itís for the street and performs well. Thanks again and Iíll recommend to all TPI owners I meet to contact you.


Many of us have a dream of building our daily driver into the ideal vehicle. Something that would brings a smile to our face every time we drive it. Mine dream was building a 383 SBC with tons of torque. A responsive car that would be best for short bursts in the low to mid RPM range. Ė the proverbial stop light to stop light terror! Yet, I didnít want clients to think they were in a hot rod. Also, I wanted reliability and decent gas mileage. I started with a 1988 350SBC Truck motor because it has the bosses for a roller cam, 4 main bolts and a one piece rear main seal. I opted for 9.4:1 compression ratio (pump gas), Edelbrock RPM Performer aluminum heads, 1.6:1 roller rockers, long tube Hedman headers and Tune Port Injection from a 91 Corvette (known for the low and mid range torque). Although I researched it a lot, choosing a cam was difficult. The one I picked showed itself to be difficult to tame. This is the table I set for Scott to work with. Itís difficult to convey all the effort and dedication Scott put into ensuring the program was optimized. I looked at several companies offering programming services. This task it not like buying a part. Besides the programming knowledge, it takes perseverance. This is a process of refining the countless points the computer calls upon in a myriad of driving possibilities. It takes repeated tweaking. I doubt Scott does this for the fortune and fame. It must be something in his character that drives him to get it right. You canít pay for that. Be thankful you found someone who you can trust and rely on. Just think of the power youíll be leaving behind if you go elsewhere. 8/3/08

I am truly pleased with the memcal that is working in my 88 as I write this to you. It is fantastic !!  It is Superb !!  Thank you so much for your help, your work, your advise, your honesty and your Great business sense. A+, several times over, I truly appreciate all that you did. Bob, 10/31/07

I wanted to drop a quick line to you today. Rec'd the chip yesterday in the mail. Today I installed a 350 knock sensor and the reprogrammed chip. The engine fired the 1st time and I adjusted the fuel pressure and timing. After a last minute check I went for a short drive. My nephews (teenagers) saw me driving the car and wanted a ride so I took them for a test spin, they're just getting into cars. WOW! NO ping and great throttle response.
Thank you for your experience and a good choice of timing/fuel curve.
Since the engine is brand spanking new I've have not jumped on it completely, but the quarter and half throttle spurts were enough to make the kids hang on and come home wide eyed. Amazing it could be so simple.
Keep doing what you are you doing, you are a credit to TPI rodders everywhere. Please let me know if I can help spread the word, you will have my endorsement for what it is worth.

Customer response to an E-Mail about his chip.

I did put it in and it seems to have made a big difference. It starts better, runs better and seems to have a great deal more power, I have to get the TV cable on the tranny adjusted so I have not driven it to much, but so far it seems to be great. you know how it turns out, and thanks again.

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